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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Are you located in the United Kingdom ?
A: Yes, we are located and operate from the United Kingdom

Q: Are you accredited by the designated professional body ?
A: Yes, we are a Specialist Level Immigration Practice regulated by the OISC. We are registered at the highest possible level in all immigration and asylum categories. We are also proud to hold the UK Border Agency Premium Service Centre's Highly Trusted Representative Status

Q: Do your lawyers represent clients in designated courts you do you have to instruct other lawyers from different firms ?
A: This firm's lawyers prepare and represent clients in the designated courts themselves. That allows to keep the cost of the representation significantly lower compared to the firms who take the cases on and then have to hire lawyers from other firms to represent their clients on appeal, thus often significantly increasing the representation costs. At the same time we do take instructions from other firms to represent their clients in the designated courts

Q: I am not happy with my current solicitor/representative/consultant/agent. Can I become a client of the Legal Centre ?
A: Yes, you certainly can. In fact, we receive requests from clients to switch to us from different firms on weekly basis. The switching procedure is very simple. You do not even have to tell your current representative that you are switching to us - we will do it for you. This will be a stress free and fast procedure for you. Please book your initial consultation with us here

Q: Can you assist an overseas client ?
A: Yes, we work with local, UK and overseas clients as we understand how difficult it is sometimes for our valued overseas clients to find a quality professional advice overseas. Your client may simply be thousands of miles away from us and they do not need to appear in our office in person

Q: Do you charge a client per hour, letter, phone call etc or do you offer fixed fees ?
A: We normally offer fixed fees to our clients. We are also able to offer the hourly based fees, if required.

Q: Do I need to attend an appointment in person or can I be consulted over the phone/online ?
A: You have a choice of either meeting this firm's lawyers in person or arranging a phone, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp consultation

Q: What are ILPA and JCWI logos on your web site ?
A: ILPA and JCWI are professional memberships for lawyers practising immigration law. We are members of ILPA and JCWI

Q: Which payment do you accept ?
A: We accept most payment methods, including PayPal, credit/debit cards or a bank transfer

Q: Briefly, what can you as a firm do for a client ?
A: The Legal Centre is a family run business. We understand how important it is for our clients to achieve their immigration goals in the fastest and most cost effective way. As British specialist lawyers, we will do our best and even go that extra mile for you. We can help you with the necessary paperwork that will be needed to ensure that your application meets the Immigration requirements.

Please expect us to do the following for you, when you instruct us to represent you or a member of your family:
  • Full and professional assessment of your case
  • Advice on whether you should consider a different immigration programme or category
  • Strong and weak points of your application
  • Advice on correct list of documents
  • Advice on evidence required
  • Instructing your sponsor, relative, employer or college (if required)
  • Final check of your documents before submission to the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post
  • Creating a professionally looking paginated immigration bundle
  • Drafting representations and cover letters to the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post
  • Working with interpreters (if required)
  • Submission your application to the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post
  • Correspondence with the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post
  • Keeping you updated by post, E-mail or phone on the progress of your application
  • If something goes wrong : requesting a review, reconsideration or lodging an appeal
  • Any further in-country/out-of-country immigration assistance
The above list is not exhaustive as we treat every client's case individually.

You can book your initial Skype or phone consultation with us via the following link: Legal Centre Skype or Phone Consultations